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A black light inspection is conducted by your carpet cleaning professional prior to having your carpets cleaned. The purpose is to detect any reactive substance in your carpet (typically urine) that may require a special treatment prior to cleaning.

A black light inspection utilizes a special type of bulb and eyewear that allows the carpet cleaning professional to see reactive substances in the carpet. The best carpet cleaning professionals will also use a moisture meter on any places in the carpet that show a reactive substance.

If the black light inspection reveals urine or other reactive substance in your carpet, then we request that you do not move forward with carpet cleaning until we can discuss the inspection results with you and come up with a plan of action.

Sometimes the professional carpet cleaner can either treat the affected areas and this is a great outcome.

Sometimes the professional carpet cleaner is unable to treat the affected areas due to the size of the affected areas or the number of affected areas in any given room. In these situations, we need to replace the flooring and we will discuss this process with you.

If we receive a carpet cleaning invoice from you, without a black light inspection, then we will have a black light inspection completed and will charge this cost against your security deposit.

Getting a black light inspection before having your carpets cleaned is for your benefit! If there is a treatment that can be done to remedy an affected area, then it is best to do this before cleaning as cleaning the carpets without a treatment may cause the affected area to spread and become untreatable. If the outcome of a black light inspection is that the flooring is untreatable and needs to be replaced, then you will save yourself the cost of unnecessary carpet cleaning.

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